CrossFit Clintonville opened its doors in the Summer of 2014. Since then we have transformed an old Hostess Outlet into a CrossFit Box complete with an Olympic Lifting club, multiple styles of classes and in-house chiropractic and massage services!

Our community has grown exponentially over the years and we are truly proud of what we have have built between our trainers and our members. We work together to help individuals meet their fitness goals. We truly believe everyone can transform their lives through fitness.

Our members range from life-long competitive athletes to retirees entering the fitness world for the first time, in many years. We have an open community that allows anyone to feel welcome and we work with each member to ensure that they understand the movements.

We hope to see you soon!


Why Should I Choose CrossFit Clintonville?

Professional coaches with broad fitness credentials

Our coaches are CrossFit certified, but they also have credentials in personal training, physical therapy, gym management, and dozens of sports. We hire positive coaches who take the time to learn people’s names, address your concerns, and support you in using CrossFit to meet your goals. See coaching bio's at the bottom of this page.

Friendly faces and a positive atmosphere

It starts with welcoming coaches, and it continues with our diverse member base. In our gym, you’ll see working professionals, parents, students, elite athletes, and grandparents cheering for each other and working out together. To experience it yourself, try our free community workouts on Saturdays at 10 a.m. or join our CrossFit 101 program for newcomers.

You are welcome to join us for free at our Community class 3 times before committing to a membership

Clean and inviting gym space

With over 9,000 square feet of workout space, you’ll have plenty of room to move. And with our large variety of professional multi-use equipment stored along the walls, we can deliver a huge variety of workouts! We also have a spacious parking lot, two restrooms, two dressing rooms, a recovery lounge, storage areas for your belongings, recovery drinks and supplements for sale and a small retail area.

A simple drop-in class schedule + lots of Open Gym time

Our members can drop into any class anytime, no reservations or sign-ups required. If you’d rather work out solo, Open Gym space remains available during all group classes. We also have dedicated Open Gym hours several times a week. Click here to view our gym’s class schedule.

Answers to Your Questions:

What is CrossFit? How Can it Help Me Achieve My Goals?

CrossFit is a training system based on functional movements that you do every day, in life and in sport. For example, when you pick up a heavy box, you’re doing a weightlifting move called a deadlift. When you sit in a chair then stand up again, that’s an air squat. Those functional movements, and others, also play an important role in sports.

CrossFit is a system for training functional movements at high intensity. During our one-hour group classes, our coaches will help you lift weights with good form and move well at speed. They’ll help you warm up, cool down, and stretch so that your mobility improves over time. You’ll mix together elements of weightlifting, running, gymnastics, and other movement disciplines. And if you keep coming back for more, you’ll find yourself in the best shape of your life!

Although many people associate CrossFit with “stuff they see on TV,” CrossFit can be scaled (modified) to meet almost any fitness level. For example, here’s how four people at our gym might scale the same CrossFit move:

  • Elite level athlete: Handstand pushups
  • Working professional or Parent: Military-style pushups with legs elevated on a box
  • College/High-school student who just started working out: Knee pushups
  • Senior citizen with limited mobility: Standing pushups, leaning against a wall

All four of these people are working the same muscle groups and moving closer to their fitness goals. And at CrossFit Clintonville, you’ll see all four of these people–and more!—cheering for each other and realizing their goals.

Our CrossFit 101 program is designed to safely introduce CrossFit to newcomers. You can also experience CrossFit at our free Community Workouts, held on Saturdays at 10 a.m.

You are welcome to join us for free at our Community class 3 times before committing to a memebership

How can I try CrossFit before joining CrossFit Clintonville?

Three options:

  • Enroll in CrossFit 101, our four-class program for newcomers to CrossFit.
  • Drop into our free Community Workouts, held every Saturday at 10 a.m. Our community workouts use simple, easy-to-learn moves in a CrossFit-style workout format. It’s a great way to dip your toes into CrossFit and meet some of our members.
  • We know that choosing a gym can be an intimidating process. If you have any questions about CrossFit, our gym, or your fitness goals, please contact coach and co-owner Patrick Woods at

Which fitness classes do you offer?

CrossFit Group Classes

These CrossFit classes are our most popular offering. You’ll get a full workout in just one hour with a warm up, strength work, cardio, and stretching. Our coaches will help you scale our Workout of the Day (WOD) to your unique needs and goals. You’ll work hard, cheer loud, smile big, and get into the best shape of your life. And our simple, no-reservations-required class schedule makes it easy to schedule workouts into your busy life.

Community Workout on Saturdays @ 10 a.m.

Once a week, we offer a FREE class that helps newcomers experience CrossFit and meet our coaches. We use easy-to-learn movements in this class, and all fitness levels are welcome. Many of our members attend this class, too. We hold this class every Saturday, but do check our class schedule to ensure that it’s “on” seeing that holidays rarely, but can sometimes alter weekend classes!

You are welcome to join us for free at our Community class 3 times before committing to a memebership

CrossFit 101

Our four-class orientation program for newcomers to CrossFit. You’ll learn how to lift with good form, read and complete a Crossfit Workout of the Day, and more.

Rx Class on Saturdays @ 9 a.m.

For those who love to compete, we design this class to be extra challenging. This team-oriented, high-energy workout is a great way to kick off your weekend.

Olympic Lifting

For members who want to improve their weightlifting and reach new personal records. You’ll get lots of personal attention from coaches with special expertise in lifting. All members who have completed CrossFit 101 are welcome at this class.

Our Coaches


Patrick Woods

Patrick Woods is a 2009 graduate of The Ohio State University, where he was a Captain of the track team. Patrick competed in the decathlon and won the BIG 10 championship in 2009. He trained for the 2012 US Olympic Trials and was a USA indoor silver medalist. Patrick is an experienced CrossFit coach who has successfully managed a corporate gym serving over 900 members.

Patrick is also an ACE certified personal trainer, a level-one USATF coach, a USAW level 1 and holds a CF level 2 certification.


Brian Peterson

Brian began CrossFit in July of 2015 when he moved back to his hometown of Columbus. Prior to moving Columbus Brian worked out regularly at a local gym with a personal trainer and independently.

Soon after starting at CrossFit Clintonville Brian discovered that CrossFit provided workouts that he was truly passionate about. As he improved his physical fitness, gained confidence, and grew in his passion for CrossFit Brian decided to pursue his CrossFit Level 1 certification, which he completed in February 2017.


Samuel Hartman

Samuel’s background in fitness started with competitive road cycling, which he alternated with running for years until CrossFit. After doing CF for 2 years, he began to focus more on weightlifting, competing in multiple competitions each year.

Samuel holds a bachelors and masters degree in applied mathematics Ball State University and IUPU-Indianapolis, respectively. Samuel is a USA Weightlifting Advanced Sports Performance Coach and a CrossFit Level 2 (CF-L2) coach.


Hannah Brisson

Post-college Hannah become a personal trainer and group class instructor at an Extreme Training Center. She went on to obtain her Level-1 Certification and began training herself for the Open. Hannah now holds Level-1, Level-2, USAW-L1 and CrossFit Kids Certifications.

In 2014 Hannah was a finalist for the Face of ReebokONE campaign.Hannah then moved to Columbus and found her new home at CFC in January 2015, competed with Team CFC for the Arnold Classic in March, and in August became a coach.


Anna Vogel

After graduating from Grandview Heights, Anna received her degree in Exercise Science from Indiana University. Following college, she continued west to St. Louis where she earned her Doctor of Chiropractic and Master’s Degree in Exercise and Sports Rehabilitation. In 2015 she returned home to open her own chiropractic practice, Columbus Spine and Sport Center.

For the past 3 years Anna has been teaching boxing, cardio and strength training classes at local gyms.


Alison Marshall

Following Ali’s final season of high school swimming in 2014, she decided to start CrossFit as a new competitive outlet. After about a year, Ali decided to complete her CF-L1 because CrossFit had made such an impact on her life that she wanted to ability to spread that to others as well.

Ali graduated from Ohio State in 2018 with a Bachelor’s degree in Health Sciences and is now in the process of applying to Physician Assistant School. During Ali’s time at OSU, she walked on to the OSU women’s rowing team for the 2015-2016 season. Ali has been coaching at CFC since 2016 and earned her CF-L2 in April of 2019.


Travis Moyer

In 2015, while looking for a new challenge, he heard about CrossFit Clintonville opening up right in the neighborhood. Since then he has enjoyed being a part of the community and diving in deeper to the fitness world.

He has taken the CrossFit Level-1 certification and the ONNIT Kettlebell Specialist course. He is currently working on his Level 1 certification through DVRT Ultimate Sandbags. Travis currently teaches the Sunday ULOO class at 9 AM. If you see him working out, feel free to say “Hi”.

Joe Cimino.jpg

Joe Cimino

Joe and his sister grew up in gyms as their mom taught aerobics. It wasn’t until his masters degrees that he found CrossFit and fell in love.

Last year Joe lived in southern France and had the opportunity to combine his passion for French with CrossFit. He learned the universality of this sport; no matter which language you hear it in, the movements and camaraderie translate just the same.

Joe is currently a first year PhD student at OSU studying Foreign Language Education and is an instructor for student teachers in the World Languages program.